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A new Yoga experience! Join Doug Wednesday evenings at 6pm for an hour long practice to have fun while learning an amazing host of activities designed to maintain balance, focus, concentration and memory at their best levels. Each class will have a little different theme starting with the physical practices that will improve the areas of the brain having to do with memory, focus and concentration. You will then be presented with the practices to balance the subtle energy body which will involve pranayamas and precise meditations. A Free book is included with your first class. Classes will start March 30th and will be held in person at BLDG7 Yoga and also be broadcast on Zoom. Class fee is $13. ~ Zoom or in person

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An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure! ~ B. Franklin

This info may not be for me. If I am under 45; it may benefit my parents or grandparents. I already realize that Alzheimers is a really sad disease and if there is a possibility to help someone beat it back, well, it is worth considering. This info is about physical movements and meditations, not brain exercises.The idea is to improve balance and coordination. The area that will be exercised is tied to memory, focus and concentration; the same areas that decline as Alzheimers takes hold!!!

~ Stayed tuned for weekend intensives and Continuing Education Credits for Yoga Alliance ~

Here is the research if you would like to read it!

This program would be valuable to you if you provide Alzheimer's support, memory care, Dementia care, or Alzheimer's care. Perhaps together we can end Alzheimer's.

If you are a care giver and offer Dementia support, memory support, or senior care; this program would be an excellent aging resource.

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Berks County Alzheimer's Prevention

Here are the benefits of some prevention techniques! This program is good if you are an aging assistant, do home care or give Alzheimer's therapy

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